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Car Suspension System


Car suspension system is a vital part of your car that allows you control it more effectively. It is the car suspension system that is responsible for ensuring a smooth and safe ride every time you decide to take your car anywhere. An important thing that most car owners forget is that like other parts of your car, the performance of its suspension system deteriorates because of wear and tear.

Thus, the importance of replacing various components (including but not limited to shocks or struts, bushings and springs, and wheel alignment) of your car’s suspension system in a timely manner cannot be overemphasized. A careful look at your car’s suspension system will give you a fair idea about the steps you can take to ensure optimal performance.

Although there are certain (maintenance) tasks that car enthusiasts will want to perform themselves, the more technical (maintenance) tasks such as rotating tires, while setting the alignment and replacing bushings are best left to a professional. Some of the most important parts of a car’s suspension system include tyres, shock absorbers, arms and bushings, ball joints, coil springs, and stabilizer bar link etc. Experts recommend using only original equipment manufacturer parts since the performance of aftermarket parts is inconsistent at best.

What to Check in your Car’s Suspension System?

As clarified above, you do not need a professional mechanic to tell you that your car’s suspension system requires maintenance. You can easily establish as much yourself. Following are the parts you should look at when trying to ascertain if you car’s suspension system needs maintenance;

Tyres – It is vital to keep the tyres of your car in optimal condition. Tyres are the first thing you should look at for signs of wear and tear. Uneven patterns on the front tyres indicate that it is time for wheel realignment; you can rotate the wheels and adjust their alignment. Last but not the least, replace worn out tyres without further ado.
Shock Absorbers – Though the usual life of shock absorbers (also called struts) is several years, this is dramatically reduced by regular driving on uneven roads and paths. Shock absorbers impact the driving stability (including steering and stopping) of your car and need to be kept in optimal condition. Fluid leakage and bobbing of the car once you hit the brakes, and leaning too much into corners while turning are clear signs that your car needs new shock absorbers.
Arms and Bushings – Experts recommend examining the arms and bushings for signs of wear and tear (such as cracking). Wheel shimmy and vibration are clear signs that raise a red flag about the condition and performance of the arms and bushings of your car.

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Free Tips : Does You Car Need Shocks ? The Answer Yes If :

–  Shock Absorbers Leaking .

–  Car Hug The Road , Sliding Or Skidding On Bends.

–  Tyres Wearing Evenly And Without Bald Patches.

–  When You Braking Does Your Car Come To An Even Stop Without Nose-Diving Or Dipping.

–  You Press Down The Bonnet Of Your Car And Let Go , Does It Return To Its Original Position In One Move Without Bouncing Up And Down .

Worn shock absorbers can have dangerous side effects such as wheel bounce , skidding , sliding . swaying , pitching , and rolling . I recommend you check out your shocks immediately.

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