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Universal Joint Replacement


Universal Joint Replacement

Various mechanical parts have a close relationship with the automobiles. And with the quick development of the automobile industry, those parts have more applications. In the automobiles, the drive train force is transferred from the transmission to the front and rear axles of the vehicle through a propeller shaft and two universal joints.

The Propeller Shaft

Most of you may have heard of the universal joints, but the propeller shaft is less familiar to us.It may be solid or tube-shaped. While a solid one is stronger than a hollow or tubular shaft of the same diameter, but a hollow or tubular propeller shaft is stronger than a solid shaft of the same weight. The propeller shaft is as important as the universal joints.

   Universal joints have many functions. They are primary components of the drive train. The flexible one attaches to the drive shaft of a vehicle and transmits force or torque along the drive train. The design of the joint allows for controlled movement of the shafts, which control the motion of the wheels.

Sometimes, they may fail. Various causes may lead to their breakdown. For example, the improper installation may damage them. Besides, the poor maintenance allows rust to build or grease to dry which may also cause the breakdown. When a repair or maintenance is being performed on a car, it is a good idea to replace the universal joints which may keep your steering and other vehicle-related functions working well.

Obviously, the maintenance of the automobiles partially relies on the good status of the mechanical parts such as the above mentioned ones. The maintaining of the vehicles includes many things such as having the universal joint, centre bearing and yoke inspected for wear and tear, or preventing them from breaking.

According to the above, we may draw the conclusion that the propeller shaft and the universal joints are important components as to the automobiles. Therefore, it is quite necessary for you to take care of them.

How To Inspect You Vehicles Propeller Shaft ?

rendered universal joint animation. Español: M...

rendered universal joint animation. Español: Modelo tridimensional de una junta Cardan. Français : Modèle tridimensionnel animé d’un Joint de Cardan. Suomi: 3D-animaatio kardaaniakselin eli nivelakselin toimintaperiaatteesta. Svenska: En tredimensionell animation av en kardanknut. ‪中文(繁體)‬: 萬向接頭 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-Check the coupling rubber if not cricked.

-Check the centre bearing rubber if not cricked or damaged.

– Check the play on all universal joints by gripping one section and attempting to turn the other section first in one direction and the other any wear in the universal joints can be detected.

To do this inspection you don’t need to remove the propeller shaft from your vehicles. To renew a universal joint the propeller shaft assembly must be removed from your vehicle.

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