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Four Wheel Drive Problem


Four Wheel Drives and All Wheel Drives

A lot of people get confused over the difference between a 4wd car and an all wheel drive car. When it comes to it, the differences may be subtle but they make a massive difference on what you can do with the vehicle. You will find vehicles that are AWD tend to be smaller in size, and they have less clearance.

Basically an AWD vehicle is able to go off road, but is not able to do anything too severe. They may be able to drive on the beach, but if it gets soft then they will struggle. A 4wd car distributes the power evenly across all four wheels, or more to the wheels that have less traction. AWD cars function differently, and they also lack low range. AWD vehicles are always in that mode, whereas most four wheel drive vehicles are used mainly in 2wd for when you are on the bitumen, and then four wheel drive is selected when you want it. What this means is that for any serious four wheel driving you are unable to drive slowly, which is a huge problem for descents down hills and crawling over rocks.

All Wheel Drive cars tend to be less strong as well, which means that if you give them a flogging off road then they are more likely to break. Basically it comes down to what you want to do with the vehicle. If you want it primarily for driving around town with a bit of light four wheel driving every now and again then an all wheel drive vehicle may suit you. If however you want to go touring or more serious four wheel driving then get something which has low range and is a true 4wd.

What Are Difference Between Two Wheel Drive And Four wheel Drive ?

The two wheel drive are cars in which only two wheels receive the power from the engine. On the other hand four wheel drive receive the power from the engine for all four wheels at same time. Hands the varied names cars .i.e. four wheel drive, all 4 wheel drive, or 4×4. The phrase 4×4 is self explaintory.

The four wheel drive has system to direct power to all four wheels. On four wheel drive is an add-on system that works in conjunction with two wheel drive components.

The Transfer Case 4×4

The latest vehicles are equipped with transfer case, is attached directly to the rear of the transmission. The transfer case function is to transmits the drive power to both, the front and rear differentials though two other drive shafts front and the rear.

The front differential is mounted below the engine and connected to the front wheels by two drive-axles which turn the wheels when your car is in the four wheel drive mode.

The Hubs 

There free running hubs are used when are unlocked allow the front wheels to spin while your vehicle is in the two wheel drive mode without rotating the drive-axles and the front differentials, thus reducing wear in these components.

When your car is switched to the four wheel mode, the hubs should then be locked to engage the wheels with the drive axles. The new models cars today comes with an automatic-locking front hubs, eliminating the need to jump out and manually lock the hubs when the transfer case is engaged in four wheel drive mode. Is no difference between the rear differential and the axle assembly you can find in the two wheel drive.

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