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How to Know When It Is Time to Change Your Car Brake Pads and Shoes

Many drivers’ biggest fear is to be driving on the highway and coming to a stop, only to find that the brakes are no longer responding when they’re pressed on. The fact is, brake failure is a serious cause of collisions on the highway, and while it’s less common today than it used to be, it’s still a problem to be kept at bay for all motorists.

Older drum brakes were not nearly as reliable as today’s braking technology. Drum brakes were susceptible to seasonal and environmental factors which could decimate their ability to stop on time. In the heat of the summer or the cold of winter, drum brakes could easily stop responding or fail to provide the necessary friction to stop the vehicle in a timely manner.

Today’s newer anti-lock brakes don’t tend to fail nearly as often as the previous standard in braking technology used to. More sophisticated braking systems, along with advanced materials and design used on braking pads and shoes, have led to much safer and much more stable brakes that are better apt to stopping in any weather.

Here are a few signs it might be time to replace a piece or all of your braking system. Brakes and their parts are inexpensive pieces of an automobile that can be easily replaced without a lot of time and hassle, so it pays to make sure they’re in good working order (especially when your body will absorb whatever kinetic energy they fail to prevent you from hitting).

Troubling Noises

– They’re not always the same kind of bad noise, but you can usually hear when your brakes or their components have begun to wear down. Of course you’ll notice a sluggish, less complete stopping of your wheels when you press the brake pedal, but you’ll also hear grinding, squealing, or whining coming from your wheel well.

Poor Road Traction

– If you’ve ever depressed your brakes only to feel your car try, but fail to stop, you know how scary bad traction can be. Perhaps what’s most scary about these situations is that they tend to be more common in inclement weather, which is not how you want to discover a crucial flaw in your biggest safety system.

Brakes will keep you and your car safe, but they need some TLC with regular upkeep in order to continue doing their job. Make sure you get yours checked out before you find out they need work the hard way.

Your car’s braking system is probably the most important function of your vehicle. You’ll want to use a qualified car repair shop to inspect or replace brake parts. If you need a brake job, then stop in the Fouzis Service Center.

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