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car engine overhaul  car engine overhaul  car engine overhaul

Why You Need Compression Test For An Auto Engine Repair

car engine overhaul Compression check can tell you what are the condition of your auto engine before you proceed to do an auto engine repair. The compression test can inform you if you have low compression in your car engine caused by leakage of worn piston rings, defective valves and seats, or maybe you have a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head.

How To Do Compression Check Before An Auto Engine Repair

car engine overhaul You need to warm up your engine until it reaches the normal operating temperature. The throttle should be fully open. Remove your spark plugs. Connect your compression gauge to the various cylinders, one at time by fitting and screwing the connector into the spark plugs hole. Before you do compression test ensure your car battery is fully well charged to ensure a sufficient engine rotation speed.

Do You Need An Auto Engine Repair If The Compression Is Low

car engine overhaul If the compression reading for the various cylinders do not differ by more to 10% of the maximum reading it is considered that all the cylinders are in the same condition is no need to an auto engine repair. On the other hand if one or more cylinders the compression reading is low the above minimum you need to find out the reasons. The reasons can be the valve seating and proceeding to an inspection of the compression rings and the pistons themselves. In this matter now your car need an auto engine repair.

What An Auto Engine Repair Mean To You

car engine overhaul An auto engine repair is meant the whole of the work which must be carried out after your car has covered a certain distance, with a view to replacing any worn parts, pistons, and piston rings, valves, head gasket, or complete cylinder head. One an auto engine repair is done your car will regain its initial performance and will again develop its original power.

To do your auto engine repair it is always necessary to remove your engine from the car and replace defective engine parts. Your auto engine repair should be rest on a stand or table designed for that purpose. Sometimes is partial auto engine repair is necessary to eliminate some particular running defect,  it may then be unnecessary to remove the entire engine to do an auto engine repair.

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