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About Us

Fouzi owner fouzis service centre Do you have car problems?  Visit our auto repair service centre. We are specialist on CV’S Joint replacement, brakes repairs, suspension repairs, engine overhaul, automotive transmission manual and automatic repairs, clutch overhaul, and electrical repairs starter and alternator.

FOUZI AIRCRAFT MECHANIC 80-94 I, am Fouzi Bach and owner of auto repairs and service centre, I am not a hands on mechanic. I, am qualified as an Aircraft Mechanic “TURBO-REACTOR and PISTON ENGINES” for 20 years. I, am servicing and repairs all makes of car for 13 years, this was my life today. And when we talk about Airplane you must know, my responsibility was the life of the pilot and his passenger between my hand . It was also diagnosing and repair Mirage 2000 Engines, Beech- craft, and Helicopters. I, am in a unique position to help car owners to know and read about auto repairs and service related topics since I’ve had personal hands on experience with many auto  repairs and automotive motor spares. This is not a hobby for me, this is my business. Your feedback is really appreciated, if you thought this auto repairs advice and tips website going to be helpful or informative, please leave your comment below (thank you in advance).

What An Auto Repairs Service Centre Should Let You Know

fouzis service centre There are many articles that talk about what your auto repairs mechanic doesn’t want you to know. This write up is about what your auto repairs service centre does want you to know. Over the years there have been investigative reports catching bad auto repairs service mechanics in the act of outright dishonest practices and sometimes blatantly stealing. Just as in life there are more good people than bad, there are also more good, hard working auto repairs mechanics than dishonest ones. Many of auto repairs and service  I know make more money than college graduates, although they seem to garner less respect. This is because of perception, culture has trained our minds to think more of a person if they are well dressed. Your auto repairs and service centre wants you to know the following.

If An Auto Repairs Mechanic Gets The Job Done Fast

auto repairs brake pads It doesn’t mean that the auto repairs fee wasn’t earned. On the flip side, if the car problems takes longer to service and repair, a flat rate technician doesn’t charge more, example to change the brake pads can take less time. Experience necessary to become an auto repairs technician is gained by on the job training, becoming an apprentice, or from attending a tech school. Technical schools can provide a good foundation, but in the end there is no substitute for learning on the job. A good auto repairs mechanic absorbs knowledge from his years of experience working on cars and from the automotive service centre he has worked with over the years. When it comes to car servicing and repairs, knowledge is money and just because your auto repairs mechanic can repair your car quickly in many cases, it doesn’t mean his fee was not earned or that you were overcharged. There truly is no substitute for experience.

Auto Repairs Service Centre Have Huge Investments

auto repairs tools In their auto repairs tools, just a quality tool box adequate to store his equipment typically runs several thousand dollars. If you don’t believe it just ask your auto repairs service centre the next time you visit them. Also as time goes on, there are more auto repairs tools needed to work on the newer vehicles with their evolving systems. You can also find by auto repairs service centre wheel alignment and wheel balancing machine don’t even think about the prices of this machines. Software updates for scan auto repairs tools are updated every year or two to keep them current. Specialty automotive service tools are developed that may sometimes only be used for one specific job. In many cases, your auto repairs service centre will have ten times the investment in his auto repairs tools compared to the value of the car he drives.

Auto Repairs  Diagnosing Your Cars With Intermittent Problems

auto repairs diagnosing Subaru lecacy engine Is like chasing a ghost. If your car isn’t acting up, a correct diagnosis is difficult. The experience of your auto repairs mechanic may enable him to make an educated guess, but keep in mind the more information you can provide the better. The last thing he wants is to have you back with the same complaint. Be very descriptive, if your car makes a particular noise it’s important to know when it occurs, what sound it makes and the duration. Ask him if he would like to go for a ride; if you can duplicate the car problems on a test drive, the chances are much better of a correct diagnosis in a timely manner. He also wants you to know that your loyalty does count for something.

Automotive Service centre Contact And Location

Address: Cnr Boksburg and Victoria str
Germiston. JHB. SA

Tel: 0027118258252

Fax: oo27118735567

Cell: 0027721705567

Map follows click here.

RMI We Are Retail Motoring Industry Organisation (RMI) And Insurance Warranty Accredited. In House Financing Arrangement.

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