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auto repair insurance

Do You Have Enough Auto Repair Insurance?

auto repair insurance Although your car breakdown may happen everywhere, there are a couple of places where additional care should be exercised and some form of auto repair insurance should be required.

There are a lot of ways of getting ourselves protected while driving on the road. This could be learning the proper way of driving a vehicle, knowing the road rules, laws, and signs, being educated on properly maintaining the vehicle, etc. Getting all the information about these is easy and fast as long as one has a reliable high speed internet connection. And a form of assurance that every drivers should also search for is an auto repair insurance.

For being able to give a lot of information about a particular product or service, it should be easy to search for the ideal auto repair insurance provider, the documents to provide or the questions that a vehicle owner should ask through the internet. But another thing that auto repair insurance policy applicants, as well as existing auto insurance policy holders should know is if the breakdown mechanical insurance policy is including and much better to purchase an automotive repair insurance from same insurance that they are getting or that they currently have is already enough.

Importance Of Knowing If An Auto Repair Insurance Is Enough

auto repair insurance Not all car owners know that getting an auto repair insurance is more than just an important assurance tool but a necessity. However, a lot of them make the mistake of failing to figure out if the car repair insurance is enough.

Car repair insurance should be enough in order to cover the vehicle owner or driver from all the breakdown mechanical that may happen on the road. If the vehicle gets into breakdown that the insurance policy does not include in its coverage, the driver and his family may not be able to file any claims which will make the repair insurance policy and the premiums paid worthless. It is better to shed off a few amount of money if this will mean embracing all the risks that a driver may face while on the road.

How Does One Know If An Auto Repair Insurance Is Enough?

auto repair insurance The driver should assess his circumstances in figuring out the coverage’s that he should ask the insurance company what is include in his auto repair insurance. Among these are the tow-in, courtesy transport, hotel accommodation,  car rental, transmission of urgent messages vehicle recovery, storage, exclusion and other extras.

Another thing to consider in figuring out if an auto repair insurance coverage is enough is the vehicle owner or driver’s current circumstance. If he usually drives the vehicle with a couple of passengers such as his kids or if he is using the vehicle for carpooling purposes a lot of times, there benefit also from repair insurance policy.

Final Words

Indeed, it is important not just to get an auto insurance but also have an auto repair insurance when you have breakdown on the side of the road. For those who already have an existing auto repair insurance, they can always talk to their repair insurance agent and have all the necessary coverage included.

What Are Components Covered By An Auto Repair Insurance

I find it hard when my customer have no knowledge how, when, and what components covered by his auto repair insurance policy. there are here now:

    auto repair insurance

  • Engine: All internal components from oil pump, crank shaft, big end and main bearing, cone rod, push rod, gudgeon pins, pistons and rings, camshaft, valves, valves guides, cam followers, timing gear and tensioner, timing chain, flywheel. Decarbonisation and failures caused by build-up of carbon deposit, cylinder head gaskets, and burn valves.

auto repair insurance 

  • Casings: Engine bloc, cylinder head, gearbox, differential and drive unit casing, inlet and exhaust manifolds are covered in the event of damage being brought about by the failure of a covered component.

auto repair insurance

  • Gearbox:
  • Manual Transmission: All internal components including gears, shaft, syncro hub and rings, selectors, bearing and bushes plus gear level linkages.

automotive repair insurance

  • Automatic Transmission: Internal components including torque convertor, servos and governor, valve body, syncro clutch and brake bands, bearings and bushes plus gear level and linkages, gears, and shafts.

auto repair insurance

  • Differential: Including all internal parts, crown wheel and pinion, differential unit, side shaft and bearings.
  • Steering Mechanism: Steering wheel , column shaft, bearing and joints, internal components of steering rack and pinion, tie rod ends, servo steering pump and reservoir and all internal pats of steering box. Rubber dust covers and piping not covered.

automotive repair insurance

  • Management System: Engine and transmission management control units only.

auto repair insurance

  • Turbo Assembly: Original manufacture fitted Turbo charger only, includes impellers, shafts, bushes and casing the intercooler is not cover.

auto repair insurance

  • CV Joints: Constant velocity joint inner and outer CV Joint rubber boots are excluding.
  • Front Wheel Drive Unit: External drive shaft, coupling, hubs and bearings, drive flanges.

automotive repair insurance

  • Propshaft: Universal joints and centre bearing.

auto repair insurance

  • Braking System: Master cylinder, servo unit, disc and callipers, drums, wheel cylinders and ABS control unit and all sensors, vacum pump on diesel cars only. Any friction materials are excluded.

auto repair insurance

  • Fuel System: Mechanical and electric fuel pumps, fuel injection control and sensor units and injectors any calibration or service for this components not covered.

auto repair insurance

  • Electronic Ignition: Distributor and coil packs.

auto repair insurance

  • Electrical Components: Starter motor including ring gear, alternator, windscreen wiper motors and electric window motors. No switches and relays are covered.

automotive repair insurance

  • Air Conditioner: Compressor only.

auto repair insurance

  • Clutch: Clutch plate, pressure plate, clutch fork, master and slave cylinder, release bearing and pilot bearing are covered.

auto repair insurance

  • Suspension: Upper and lower wishbones with associated ball joint, bushes and springs.

auto repair insurance

  • Wheel Bearings: All wheel bearing.

auto repair insurance

  • Overheating: Breakdown due to overheating.

auto repair insurance

  • Cooling System: Water pump, thermostat and radiator cooling fan assembly, welsh plugs. Fan blades are not covered.

 auto repair insurance

  • Radiator: Radiator engine cooling only.

auto repair insurance

  • Cylinder Head Gaskets

auto repair insurance

  • Cam-belt Failure: Cam-belt and tensioner excluding your routine maintenance.

auto repair insurance

  • Electric Sunroof Motors: Electric motors.

auto repair insurance

  • Tow-In Charge: Tow-in charges covered when valid claim being accepted by your breakdown mechanical insurance.
  • Alarms/Immobiliser/Central Locking: Alarm and immobiliser control units excluding remote and batteries. Central locking pump only.
  • GPS Navigation System: Navigation display unit, navigation control module and navigation system harness.
  • DVD Entertainment System: LCD screen, RF modulator, video cassette player, digital video disc player and power convertor.
  • Telephone System: Phone, speakers, microphone, charger and cradle.
  • Car Hire/Public Transport: Car hire from a recognised Car Hire Company in when repairs not being completed within 8 working days hours from the authorisation of your claim. May be due to non-availability of your car parts. Public transport is covered to original destination of home and used tickets must submitted.
  • Hotel Accommodation: Hotel accommodation is covered if the breakdown happen in excess of 100 km’s from insured’s place of residence.
  • Instalment Payment Protection: Should repairs be delayed for 14 days or more including public holidays and weekends, from the date of claim authorisation as result of auto parts not available your auto repairs insurance reimburse you for that portion of the monthly instalment for which the car repairs were delayed.
  • Insurance Excess Payment: Where your vehicle is a total loss and the excess cannot be recovered under another policy. Your auto repair insurance will reimburse the excess up to the limits of Liability subject to new policy being taken out on the replacement vehicle.

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