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What To Do If Your Car Don’t Start


How An Auto Repairs Mechanic Can Help

This very simple question, we get calls or some one walking in asking for help my car won’t start and i don’t know what to do?

We are out here different auto repairs shop, some of us do repairs for our love of cars and those of us are out here for the sake of money only. If you don’t know what’s wrong and how your car work, you must stay away from that one going to take your money you don’t need scam auto repairs mechanic. The honest one he is going to give you tips to check first, even give you some work to do before he touch or see why your car don’t start?

Now,  What You Should Know From An Auto Repairs Mechanic 

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  Before you call an auto repairs mechanic and tell him your car won’t start, you need to know some equation. With out panic think what it’s missing your car don’t start. Battery, starter, fuel, spark and last one its compression. You need to remember this five factors because they are the first to diagnose. I am here to help you and teach you something going to save you money, and keep you far away from rip-off auto repairs scam. Just follow my step by step instructions and you going to save money for your self.

You Need To Know What Went Wrong And What Its Missing Before You Meet An Auto Repairs Shop

You come to your car, and its refusing to start this problem can happen to anyone, stop cranking the engine may be the damage going to be big and you have nothing to save.I am sure when you turn the key you already know and remember what happen. You see the battery light on. If not check your battery and terminals not loose or off.The battery and starter there are the most important for the engine to turn. We come back later how the battery and starter function. Just remember no battery, no starter, car don’t start. Battery full and connect, but starter don’t turn the car don’t start. This is what your auto repairs mechanic going to do for your car. But if you fail victim between the hand of  auto repairs scam shop, I don’t want to say how much money he is going to charge you.

 The Most Important Tips You Must Know

auto repairs Now , what you need to do check your fuel , just you must be sure the fuel gauge is giving right reading. Check if you have spark , if you don’t know how , I can show you how ?. You don’t need to take the spark plug out, just see if you have access to pull number one spark plug wire from the plug. If you have old plug if not you can use screw driver inserted in the spark wire hole, try to bring it cross to bolt or steel bracket on the top of your cylinder head cover and someone crank the engine for you, you will see spark if not your car don’t start.  CAUTION : Do not touch or make contact on steel side of your screw driver. You don’t want to be electrified from spark.

Check you timing belt or chain I will show you how in other post. This is common tips you need to know before you call or you go to your auto repairs mechanic. Let me wrap it everything for you:

1-Battery and Starter/Ground connection

2- Battery terminals

3- Spark



This last one is Compression , you need compression test to do this operation.

If you know all this steps you going to make your mechanic less spending time to check and diagnose your car. You know what that mean you saving your self money on the labor. Just think what the cost per hour for labor.

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