Auto Repair Service

Free repair service information and advice.

Automotive Services


 To all makes of cars , bakkies &  4 x 4’s.

All work guaranteed for 10000 kms or 3 months , one day service.

What Are A  Services We Offer ?

We offer the following services and maintenance :

– Major Services.

– Brakes Replacements.

– Clutch Overhaul.

– Engine Overhaul /  Gearbox Repairs.

– Came Belt Replacements.

– Computer Diagnostics and Cancel , Set Service Inspection & Light.

– Front & Rear Suspension Repairs With Free Wheel Alignment.

– CV’S  Joint Inner and Outer With Free Wheel Alignment.

– Auto Electrical Repairs ( Starters & Alternators ).

– Fleet Maintenance.

Your Free Peace Of Mind Your Safety Check Includes :

– Free Wheel Alignment Check.

– Tire Check.

– Brake Check.

– Battery Test.

– V-Belt / Came belt Check.

– Visual Check Drive Shaft And Wheel bearing.

– Visual Check Front And Rear Suspension.

– Visual Check For Leak On The Cooling System.

– Visual Check  For Any Presence Leak On The Fuel Line.

– Check Oil Levels.

Automotive Major Service Includes:

Air, Oil, Fuel, Filters.

– Points and Condenser.

Spark Plugs.

– Engine Oil.

– Free Wheel Alignment Check.

– Check & Adjust Brakes.

– Check & Adjust “V” Belt.

– Check Gearbox/Diff Oil Level.

– Check Suspension.

– Visual Check On Electrical System.

– Visual Check On Drive Shaft.

– Visual Check Brakes, And Fuel Lines.

– Visual Check Cooling System.

– Clean Battery Terminals.

– Pressure Test.

For Reasonable Prices And The Best Advice Visit automotive service center.


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