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Four Wheel Drive Car

What the difference between tw0 wheel drive and four wheel drive?

The Four Wheel Drive Is Different To Two Wheel Drive.

Four wheel drive technology has been used for more than 50 years and has proven itself in conditions where roads are practically non-existent and terrain is unforgiving. All wheel drive vehicles came of age about 15-20 years ago and are a great option to have when the drivers have to tackle wet, snowy or slippery roads in the majority of their driving. All wheel drive has become synonymous with high-speed full-time engaged drive systems while four wheel drive has been applied to all-terrain vehicles that use a transfer case to add a very low gear range to the vehicle’s transmission.

The Control Software Introduced To Four Wheel Drive

Car makers have name these systems “Real Time four whee drive”, “intelligent  all wheel drive” or “active all wheel drive”. These drive systems become all wheel drive when slip sensors in the wheels detect a condition which the traction control software monitors. The control software then activates the system to improve traction and vehicle control. Honda uses this type of automatic all wheel drive, as does Mercedes-Benz with their four-matic system. Due to its on-call nature, engineers refer to this system as an on-demand system. Four wheel drive off-road vehicles use a transfer case. This means the front and rear axles are locked together and turning the same speed all the time.

Transfer Case On The Four Wheel Drive

The transfer case also provides low range gearing, which multiplies the engine’s torque greatly, allowing the vehicle to tackle the roughest and steepest roads. The low-range gearing effectively adds another set of transmission gears to the vehicle. The transfer case function is to transmits the drive power.

Two Wheel Drive

Most cars and consumer vehicles operate with what is known as a two-wheeled drive or two wheel drive, where the propulsion only occurs in the front two or rear two wheels. If the power is transmitted to the rear two wheels via the propeller shaft to the differential. The rear wheels drive receive the power from differential via side shaft. The power from the gearbox is transmitted to the front wheels via drive shaft equipped with cv’s joint assembly.

Vehicles with a 4×4 transmission provide strong automotive power. That said, these vehicles are little low at fuel efficiency Anybody pinching coins when filling up at the petrol station shouldn’t really be using a four wheel drive vehicle. Further, the added transmission design makes four wheel drive more expensive when it comes to repairs versus the same needs in a two wheel drive vehicle.

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