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Diagnose Car Problems


How To Detect the Car Problems ?

If you have car that mean you add another real responsibility involving lot of things to do.The reliability of the newer car parts are as such that unless inspected at specified intervals. Deterioration and normal warranty is those observed preventing sudden failure. The most major mechanical failures are usually preceded by symptoms may be over certain mileage, some of the part they can fail without warning.

Fault Diagnosis

Determine the cause of the fault is the first step you need to know and learn. In some instances more investigation is required.You must also take en consideration any warning signs you noticed. For instance loss of power, gauge reading , unfamiliar noises or smells. Certain basic principals apply.  This way I am  going to help you to learn to diagnose your own car before you start looking or take your car to any mechanic  for diagnosis. You must know  to describe the symptoms, the fault and diagnose the problem. By knowing how you can determine  the fault in your car,you going to save your self a money .

This example of the car problem happen to all of us the car don’t want to start . I get phone calls about this car problem every day( my car don’t start) . I am sure is happen to you too , you panic, you don’t know what to do.Your concern you going to be late to work or drop your kids at school.

I have solution for you. I am going to give you, five solutions, inside each solution you getting the most important information,the only way your mechanic give you this information he must get paid on the job he done to fix your car problem, some mechanics they not want you even to know about the job,they not like to explain to you the fault and how they fix it.Knowing this five solutions, I promise you, you going to  save time ,  money , and work .

Leave Me Explain To You,What I Mean ?

Time: Once your mechanic understand what are you talking about.You save him time to diagnose your car, he doesn’t need to connect his diagnostic machine to your car he already know the cure of your car problem.

Money: Your mechanic  is not going to charge you for diagnostic, you already give him the tips of the fault on your car. Connecting  diagnostic  machine to your car cost money and the prices is different from one mechanic to another one. Now, you save the diagnosis money.

Work: Good and qualified  mechanic can start fixing  your car same time . The work is done quick, no high price to pay , most mechanics they charge labour per hour,  you can get and drive your car same time,same day, less if  your car problem they are not major fault.

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