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CV Joint Replacement Cost

cv joint replacement cost   cv joint replacement cost  cv joint replacement cost

The side shaft is connected to the gearbox by one inner CV Joint and at the wheel by one outer CV Joint. The CV Joint or the constant velocity joint is know by the most drivers forms the side shaft,

The Function Of A CV Joint Replacement Cost

cv joint replacement cost  The function of the CV Joint is to submit the power at a speed to the front wheels if the car is front wheel drive. Some rear wheel drives cars contain the side shaft at the rear axle. The CV  can be at the front or at rear it is fitted to each ends of side shaft full with lubricant grease and cover rubber or CV boot. The function of the CV Joint  allows a rotation side shaft to give power and speed, with less metal friction, that permit your car to drive smoothly with perfect engine performance.

How To Keep Life Working For CV Joint Replacement

cv joint replacement cost  The perfect way to protect and extend the constant velocity joint life is to full up it with quality lubricated grease, clean and  remove dirty grease. If you keep and driving your car with torn CV Boot and dirty grease can cause CV joint to wear and start making noise.

Damage and wear of the outer CV joint you can feel it with high vibrations at when your car is on some speeds. The vibrations caused by wear CV is same if your car wheels not balanced.

How To Keep Your CV Joint Replacement Cost From Wear

cv joint replacement cost  If you hear noises coming from your car suspension in turn left or right and same time even you driving straight the noises are from your CV’s joint. Due to less of lubricate grease in your CV joint causes overheating and cricked the CV cage. The torn CV Boot can throw out all the grease from your CV Joint. You are urged immediately to replace torn and worn CV Boot that going to keep your constant velocity joint from rust and corrosion caused by water and you will drive your car miles and miles before your do any CV Joint replacement.

How To avoid  CV Joint replacement

Torn CV Boot and grease loss.

Inspect and check for grease around the exterior side of CV Boot.

Check for a punctured or torn boot

CV’S Joints clamp are loose or broken.

If your CV’S Joint was operating without any noises in turn or straight and CV Joint grease does not appear dirty, dry, or mix with water you need to replace only your CV’S  boot.

If you keep and driving your car with worn CV boot can results to your CV joint failure due to less of lubrication and corrosion.

You are urged to refer to a suitable Automotive Service And Repair Manual when attempting to make CV joint repair. If you do not have such a manual or luck the experience or the proper equipment to make such CV Joint replacement you should use the services of an automotive service centre.

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cv joint repair cost

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Four Wheel Drive Car

What the difference between tw0 wheel drive and four wheel drive?

The Four Wheel Drive Is Different To Two Wheel Drive.

Four wheel drive technology has been used for more than 50 years and has proven itself in conditions where roads are practically non-existent and terrain is unforgiving. All wheel drive vehicles came of age about 15-20 years ago and are a great option to have when the drivers have to tackle wet, snowy or slippery roads in the majority of their driving. All wheel drive has become synonymous with high-speed full-time engaged drive systems while four wheel drive has been applied to all-terrain vehicles that use a transfer case to add a very low gear range to the vehicle’s transmission.

The Control Software Introduced To Four Wheel Drive

Car makers have name these systems “Real Time four whee drive”, “intelligent  all wheel drive” or “active all wheel drive”. These drive systems become all wheel drive when slip sensors in the wheels detect a condition which the traction control software monitors. The control software then activates the system to improve traction and vehicle control. Honda uses this type of automatic all wheel drive, as does Mercedes-Benz with their four-matic system. Due to its on-call nature, engineers refer to this system as an on-demand system. Four wheel drive off-road vehicles use a transfer case. This means the front and rear axles are locked together and turning the same speed all the time.

Transfer Case On The Four Wheel Drive

The transfer case also provides low range gearing, which multiplies the engine’s torque greatly, allowing the vehicle to tackle the roughest and steepest roads. The low-range gearing effectively adds another set of transmission gears to the vehicle. The transfer case function is to transmits the drive power.

Two Wheel Drive

Most cars and consumer vehicles operate with what is known as a two-wheeled drive or two wheel drive, where the propulsion only occurs in the front two or rear two wheels. If the power is transmitted to the rear two wheels via the propeller shaft to the differential. The rear wheels drive receive the power from differential via side shaft. The power from the gearbox is transmitted to the front wheels via drive shaft equipped with cv’s joint assembly.

Vehicles with a 4×4 transmission provide strong automotive power. That said, these vehicles are little low at fuel efficiency Anybody pinching coins when filling up at the petrol station shouldn’t really be using a four wheel drive vehicle. Further, the added transmission design makes four wheel drive more expensive when it comes to repairs versus the same needs in a two wheel drive vehicle.

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Four Wheel Drive Problem


Four Wheel Drives and All Wheel Drives

A lot of people get confused over the difference between a 4wd car and an all wheel drive car. When it comes to it, the differences may be subtle but they make a massive difference on what you can do with the vehicle. You will find vehicles that are AWD tend to be smaller in size, and they have less clearance.

Basically an AWD vehicle is able to go off road, but is not able to do anything too severe. They may be able to drive on the beach, but if it gets soft then they will struggle. A 4wd car distributes the power evenly across all four wheels, or more to the wheels that have less traction. AWD cars function differently, and they also lack low range. AWD vehicles are always in that mode, whereas most four wheel drive vehicles are used mainly in 2wd for when you are on the bitumen, and then four wheel drive is selected when you want it. What this means is that for any serious four wheel driving you are unable to drive slowly, which is a huge problem for descents down hills and crawling over rocks.

All Wheel Drive cars tend to be less strong as well, which means that if you give them a flogging off road then they are more likely to break. Basically it comes down to what you want to do with the vehicle. If you want it primarily for driving around town with a bit of light four wheel driving every now and again then an all wheel drive vehicle may suit you. If however you want to go touring or more serious four wheel driving then get something which has low range and is a true 4wd.

What Are Difference Between Two Wheel Drive And Four wheel Drive ?

The two wheel drive are cars in which only two wheels receive the power from the engine. On the other hand four wheel drive receive the power from the engine for all four wheels at same time. Hands the varied names cars .i.e. four wheel drive, all 4 wheel drive, or 4×4. The phrase 4×4 is self explaintory.

The four wheel drive has system to direct power to all four wheels. On four wheel drive is an add-on system that works in conjunction with two wheel drive components.

The Transfer Case 4×4

The latest vehicles are equipped with transfer case, is attached directly to the rear of the transmission. The transfer case function is to transmits the drive power to both, the front and rear differentials though two other drive shafts front and the rear.

The front differential is mounted below the engine and connected to the front wheels by two drive-axles which turn the wheels when your car is in the four wheel drive mode.

The Hubs 

There free running hubs are used when are unlocked allow the front wheels to spin while your vehicle is in the two wheel drive mode without rotating the drive-axles and the front differentials, thus reducing wear in these components.

When your car is switched to the four wheel mode, the hubs should then be locked to engage the wheels with the drive axles. The new models cars today comes with an automatic-locking front hubs, eliminating the need to jump out and manually lock the hubs when the transfer case is engaged in four wheel drive mode. Is no difference between the rear differential and the axle assembly you can find in the two wheel drive.

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Universal Joint Replacement


Universal Joint Replacement

Various mechanical parts have a close relationship with the automobiles. And with the quick development of the automobile industry, those parts have more applications. In the automobiles, the drive train force is transferred from the transmission to the front and rear axles of the vehicle through a propeller shaft and two universal joints.

The Propeller Shaft

Most of you may have heard of the universal joints, but the propeller shaft is less familiar to us.It may be solid or tube-shaped. While a solid one is stronger than a hollow or tubular shaft of the same diameter, but a hollow or tubular propeller shaft is stronger than a solid shaft of the same weight. The propeller shaft is as important as the universal joints.

   Universal joints have many functions. They are primary components of the drive train. The flexible one attaches to the drive shaft of a vehicle and transmits force or torque along the drive train. The design of the joint allows for controlled movement of the shafts, which control the motion of the wheels.

Sometimes, they may fail. Various causes may lead to their breakdown. For example, the improper installation may damage them. Besides, the poor maintenance allows rust to build or grease to dry which may also cause the breakdown. When a repair or maintenance is being performed on a car, it is a good idea to replace the universal joints which may keep your steering and other vehicle-related functions working well.

Obviously, the maintenance of the automobiles partially relies on the good status of the mechanical parts such as the above mentioned ones. The maintaining of the vehicles includes many things such as having the universal joint, centre bearing and yoke inspected for wear and tear, or preventing them from breaking.

According to the above, we may draw the conclusion that the propeller shaft and the universal joints are important components as to the automobiles. Therefore, it is quite necessary for you to take care of them.

How To Inspect You Vehicles Propeller Shaft ?

rendered universal joint animation. Español: M...

rendered universal joint animation. Español: Modelo tridimensional de una junta Cardan. Français : Modèle tridimensionnel animé d’un Joint de Cardan. Suomi: 3D-animaatio kardaaniakselin eli nivelakselin toimintaperiaatteesta. Svenska: En tredimensionell animation av en kardanknut. ‪中文(繁體)‬: 萬向接頭 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-Check the coupling rubber if not cricked.

-Check the centre bearing rubber if not cricked or damaged.

– Check the play on all universal joints by gripping one section and attempting to turn the other section first in one direction and the other any wear in the universal joints can be detected.

To do this inspection you don’t need to remove the propeller shaft from your vehicles. To renew a universal joint the propeller shaft assembly must be removed from your vehicle.

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