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How To Avoid The Car Problems And Make Your Car Last Longer.

Most Car Problems And How To Make Your Car Last Longer.

How To Avoid The Car Problems And Make Your Car Last Longer. According to current auto insurance and mechanical car insurance statistics, the average car’s useful life is 10 years or 100,000 miles. By following proper preventative car problems and maintenance you can often double your car’s useful life, and spend less time visiting your local car service centre.

Tips From Automotive Service Centre How To Avoide The Most Car Problems And Make Your Car Last Longer.

Every 2 weeks or 3,000 miles: 1. Check engine oil, transmission fluid and coolant. Once a month or 1,000 miles:

2. Check tire pressure – with tire gauge.

3. Check transmission fluid.

4. Check brake fluid.

5. Wax car (to protect finish).

6. Check belts and hoses.

Every 3 months or 3,000 miles:

7. Change oil and oil filter (every 6 months or 3,000 miles).

8. Lubricate chassis.

9. Check transmission fluid.

10. Check all drive belts (fan belts) frayed or cracked belts.

Every 6 months or 6,000 miles:

11. Change oil and filter (every 6 months or 3,000 miles).

12. Inspect suspension.

13. Rotate tires.

Every 12 months or 12,000 miles:

14. Flush radiator, replace anti-freeze, check air conditioning system.

15. Replace air filters. 16. Lubricate chassis.

Every 2 years or 24,000 miles.

17. Replace spark plugs (30,000 miles average suggested for unleaded gas) and PC valve.

18. Change automatic transmission fluid, filter and pan gasket.

19. Inspect brake linings. Every 3 years or 30,000 miles:

20. Check and test ignition wires (replace if needed).

21. Test cooling system and heating hoses (replace if needed this is one of the most car problems).

22. Check drive belts (replace if needed).

23. Replace fluid in differential and manual transmission.

Every 50,000 miles.

24. Check brake shoes (replace if needed)

25. If you have a major repair to do, it’s wise to get at least 3 estimates, if possible, before you decide.

26. Read and follow your car owner’s manual – it’s your car problems remedies bible for making your car last longer.

Learn How To Check Your Own Oil, Transmission Fluid, Tire Pressure And Coolant, To Avoid the car problems And Make Your Car Last Longer.

27. Whether you are a man, woman, boy or girl, learn to do some routine maintenance on your car yourself to avoid minor car problems at least.  A multitude of books, videos, magazines and classes are available at your local library or online that will teach you for free if you don’t know.

28. If you find a good mechanic who you can trust, stick with him even if his prices are a bit higher – all things being equal.  You’ll always save time, money and aggravation in the long run.

29. Don’t race or gun your engine when you start it up. Accelerate slowly and smoothly when your engine is cold.

30. Avoid burning rubber – it places excessive wear on the transmission, rear end, not to mention your tires.

31. An international tire company estimated that 33% of all tires on the road are under-inflated (low air).  Under-inflated tires wear out quicker and have a tendency to blow out easier.

32. A garaged car lasts longer.  A car port is next best, and a car cover is a distant third.

33. Avoid jackrabbit starts and stops.  Stop and accelerate gradually.

34. Avoid tailgating, tire squealing turns, flying over speed bumps, pot holes and revving your engine.

35. When possible, avoid driving your car during rush hour stop and go traffic periods.

36. Keep front-end aligned, for longer tire life and better gas mileage.

37. Make sure you get promised repairs in writing including how much it will cost to repair your car problems.

38. Avoid car dealers except to have highly specialized car repairs done that can’t be done properly anywhere else.

39. It’s hard to be overcharged when you get three estimates before you have the work done on what ever car problems you have.

40. Beware:  Cheapest is not always the best. Normally, the best car problems repairs mechanics with the best equipment and training cost more.

41. Often mechanics that charge extremely low prices have inferior or out-dated equipment, little to no formal training or are under-insured.

42. Complex electrical car problems are so involved that serious electrical work should be done in an “Auto Electric” shop. They have the equipment, tool and training to do the job more efficiently than the average mechanic.

43. If your car has “Cruise Control” use it.  Using cruise control will save you 5% to 10% of a gallon of gas on long trips.

44. Avoid constantly pressing and releasing the accelerator when driving. This practise not only wastes fuel, but it puts excessive wear on the drive train of your car.

45. Don’t ride your brake pedal, this wears out your brake linings pre-maturely, and wastes fuel.

46. Driving with your windows all the way down at higher speeds, will waste 10% more gallons of gasoline than driving with them closed.

47. Research by a major car manufacturer has revealed that neglect of proper routine maintenance is the number one reason for the enormous increase in car problems and repairs being required.

48. Tires purchased at department stores can be an excellent value because many are made by leading tire manufacturers.  For a list of what manufacturer makes which tires for what department store, you can do your research online.

49. When purchasing or changing tires, make sure you have them spin balanced.

50. Avoid cleaning your windshield with a dry rag or towel. Always dampen with water or some other cleaning liquid.  Dry towels grind and scratch your windshield hindering your visibility.

51. Avoid turning your car air-conditioning while running at highway speeds as this tends to put an immediate heavy load on your compressor and clutch. This could cause car problems and an excessive wear and tear on these components.  Instead turn your air conditioner on at car speeds below 25 to 30 m.p.h.This helps to preserve your expensive compressor.

52. Try to avoid running your car with the tank low on gas. Keeping a low tank of gas increases the chance of dirt, water/moisture and rust forming in your fuel system.  Keeping a full tank decreases the chance of dirt and other foreign matter forming in your fuel system and can cause car problems by damage fuel pump.

53. Tires driven at 70 m.p.h. wear out almost twice as fast as cars that go 50 m.p.h.

54. A government study has confirmed, the top three causes of car problems and breakdowns while on the road


(a) running out of gas

(b) tire troubles

(c) cooling system problems (read more about car problems overheating).

55. The best as well as the easiest ways to find a good car problems repair shop for your car problems is by recommendation or referrals from satisfied customers.

56. To work on a late model computer controlled engines, make sure the automotive service centre you choose has the equipment to handle computer-electric service/repair.  Sophisticated diagnostic equipment is a must to avoid many car problems.

57. To choose the right repair shop for you, it’s wise to have a small or minor maintenance or car problems repair job done first to see how the repair and service shop and mechanic treat you and your car problems.

58. Give detailed description of your car problems when you take it in for repairs.  The more you can describe what your car problems and what your car is doing or not doing (thumping, squealing, clacking sound, etc.) the faster and less it will cost for your mechanic to fix your car problems.

59. When in doubt about the cost of your car problems repair or a mechanic’s honesty get a second opinion.  This is one of the best ways to protect yourself from being ripped-off until you can find a permanent automotive service repair shop.

60. Regular oil changes are the most important thing you can do to protect your engine. This is the most car problems cost and make your car last longer.

61. If you have a manual transmission, downshift to slow your car down instead of using your brakes.  This will save wear and tear on your car problems braking system.

62. Each time you have your engine oil checked, have your transmission fluid checked also.

63. Protect your car’s interior and make it last longer – park your car in the shade or place a windshield guard or cover in the windshield.

64. If you spill something inside your car, clean it up immediately before it dries.  Delaying even 30 minutes can sometimes leave a permanent stain or spot.  To better protect your car seats have them treated with scotchguard.


NOTE:  According to me when you buy car purchase auto insurance for mechanical repairs, you will save money on your car repairs.


By following proper preventative your car maintenance you can often double your vehicle’s useful life, and save money and time visiting your local car mechanic shop. My Car Symptoms, is my new E-book subscribe now . The part one (How You Diagnose Your Car Problems To Save Money) is Free for you is  limited edition.


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Auto Engine Repair

car engine overhaul  car engine overhaul  car engine overhaul

Why You Need Compression Test For An Auto Engine Repair

car engine overhaul Compression check can tell you what are the condition of your auto engine before you proceed to do an auto engine repair. The compression test can inform you if you have low compression in your car engine caused by leakage of worn piston rings, defective valves and seats, or maybe you have a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head.

How To Do Compression Check Before An Auto Engine Repair

car engine overhaul You need to warm up your engine until it reaches the normal operating temperature. The throttle should be fully open. Remove your spark plugs. Connect your compression gauge to the various cylinders, one at time by fitting and screwing the connector into the spark plugs hole. Before you do compression test ensure your car battery is fully well charged to ensure a sufficient engine rotation speed.

Do You Need An Auto Engine Repair If The Compression Is Low

car engine overhaul If the compression reading for the various cylinders do not differ by more to 10% of the maximum reading it is considered that all the cylinders are in the same condition is no need to an auto engine repair. On the other hand if one or more cylinders the compression reading is low the above minimum you need to find out the reasons. The reasons can be the valve seating and proceeding to an inspection of the compression rings and the pistons themselves. In this matter now your car need an auto engine repair.

What An Auto Engine Repair Mean To You

car engine overhaul An auto engine repair is meant the whole of the work which must be carried out after your car has covered a certain distance, with a view to replacing any worn parts, pistons, and piston rings, valves, head gasket, or complete cylinder head. One an auto engine repair is done your car will regain its initial performance and will again develop its original power.

To do your auto engine repair it is always necessary to remove your engine from the car and replace defective engine parts. Your auto engine repair should be rest on a stand or table designed for that purpose. Sometimes is partial auto engine repair is necessary to eliminate some particular running defect,  it may then be unnecessary to remove the entire engine to do an auto engine repair.

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Automotive Service And Repair Manual,     For Your Car Buy It Now.

Automotive Service Free Car Care                    Manual For Every Car Owner

 How to Tune-up a car and prices.                       Major Service An Oil Chnage

Automotive Service And Repairs Prices List

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Rebuild Engine

Rebuild Engine      Rebuild Engine     Rebuild Engine

Can The Smoke Tell You, You Need Rebuild Engine

Rebuild Engine Most car owners panic when they see smoke coming out from the exhaust. Yes, the smoke can be a bad sign, but not most of the time, it can also just mean there is a minor issue with your auto engine. Your car engine is composed from internal components, may you notice your engine misfiring, or losing power. To diagnose your car engine problems you need to look at the smoke coming out from your car exhaust. They are different colors of smoke can come out from the exhaust.

If  No Smoke You Don’t Need Rebuild Engine 

Rebuild Engine This is your best and good possible result. But is there smoke but you can’t see it because it was treated and lost its color. I will explain to you on my next post how the smoke was treaded, for now just focus and follow my information. You never run you car in closed area, space or your garage is very dangerous for you and any members of your family. You car engine is save and you do not need rebuild engine.

Black Smoke

Rebuild Engine The black smoke is visible smoke and is not bad indication is problem with your engine. But that is symptoms of air to the fuel ratio is off and your auto engine is running to rich, high consumption of fuel your car need tune up and replace your air filter will usually can fix the problem. Is no need for rebuild engine.

White Smoke Is Good Color

Rebuild Engine Yes it is, but not when it comes to your car engine.  White smoke usually is something to do with your auto engine is burning coolant. What I mean the coolant in your auto radiator system. This is the symptoms of a damaged head gasket, warped engine head or a cracked cylinder head. None of these are good news and you are looking at an expensive repair. If the cylinder head gasket is damaged may that is not big problem and will not put you back too badly, but if your hear from your auto mechanic the word  cracked, that mean it can be  associated with anything in your auto engine will. The chances here to do rebuild engine are 50%  if you was driving your car with this car problems for long period of time. Your car engine piston and rings can be also effected due to your  engine overheating.

Blue Smoke Bad News And That Why You Need Rebuild Engine

Rebuild Engine Blue smoke means bad news. The previous colors is necessary to know about them because no automotive service can rip you off by telling you something wrong with your car engine and you need rebuild engine. The Blue smoke is usually a symptom of your car problems down in the important parts or component  of your auto engine engine block. What I am talking here is about cylinder, piston and rings or valve problems. The blue smoke is caused by an excessive burning of oil and generally is a bad symptom for you. The only answer for this problem is you usually need  rebuild engine. Do not try to replace few parts is no use, maybe you fit and replace only some new parts they can create a better seal. This will build and add more pressure to your auto engine compartment and is going to blow out other worn parts that were not replaced.

Rebuild Engine  Your car is going to burn oil and smoke as part of the combustion process. The prevention is better than cure take it easy on your auto engine, check your oil and top up if is necessary, and change oil and oil filter from little money you have to save yourself from an expensive rebuild engine. This should help you avoid your auto engine smoking problems.

If your car is in need for rebuild engine, repairs and services contact Fouzis Service Centre for free quotation. I have special on rebuild engine 20% discount. I am Retail Motoring Industry Organisation  (RMI) And Insurance Warranty Accredited. In House Financing Arrangement.

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What Glow Plugs Trouble?

What Are The Glow Plugs Trouble ?

The glow plugs they get red hot! And they can cause difficult cold starting. This is a symptom that one or more glow plugs may need replacement. The glow plug they can’t be maintain but eventually they need replacement.

 The glow plugs are the most important in your diesel engine, because they allow the engine to start when is cold. Diesel fuel is ignited when injected into compressed/hot air (in the cylinder) That mean the glow plugs help get the engine started when is cold by warming the fuel; once the engine is running the glow plug are not needed until the next ‘cold’ start. Check this glow plug trouble right here to avoid spending more than you need. Are your car diesel engine glow plug look like one of the trouble. Then replace your glow plug.

 Glow Plugs Trouble

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How Glow Plugs Work?


How The Glow Plugs Works ?

  The spark plug are replaced in your car diesel engine with glow plug to ignite the air/ fuel mixture. If your car diesel engine do not start or may be some cylinders not fire, that mean you need to replace your glow plugs. But just remember to ensure the connection wires that give current to glow plugs are working properly. If you do that you can save money and you don’t give chance to your auto mechanic to ripe you off by charging you for glow plugs replacement but the problem was bad wire connection. The easy way to test your glow plug they working is to connect the power from your battery. They must be glow red and hot, if not change your glow plugs.

  They are two types of the glow plugs ceramic and metallic. A ceramic glow plug has probe made from high performance ceramics instead of a metallic  sheath. The ceramic glow plugs can reach temperatures 1000 C higher than metallic glow plug. On the glow plug you find insulating sleeve to eliminates risk of short circuit. Coated shell and terminal for exceptional corrosion resistance followed by composite rubber seal to maintain precise, reliable seal to protect the coil from air corrosion. The magnesium oxide coil insulation densely compacted poweder gives exceptional electrical insulation. You find regulating coil controlling the temperature rise to give fasted possible warm up. The heat resistant alloy sheath absolute reliability even in extreme conditions. There is laser welded connection between coils guarantees precise location of coils in sheath and resists vibration damage. The most important is heating coil, fast starting in cold conditions maintaining high temperature after the engine start-up for reduced emissions. The end is reduced tip providing higher thermal efficiency for improved performance.

Why Replace The Glow Plugs?

  The service life of the glow plug can vary depending upon the frequency of use and the climatic conditions. The glow plugs wear out, and to start your car engine become more difficult and the emission may increase. The glow plugs can cause your car engine do not to start at all. So to prevent this problem happening it is better to replace all the glow plugs at set interval.

The new long post heating glow plugs uses less current to reach a higher temperature quickly. This means less pollution, better efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. When its come to replace your glow plugs is to work same to spark plugs. When one glow plug has reached the end of its service life the other plugs will be in a similar condition and will shortly need to be replaced also. My advice to you it is more cost effective to replace all the glow plugs at once whilst the power rails and connection lines are already removed.

The glow plugs trouble is free for you and you can download this information right now to see your car glow plugs how they look and why you need to replace them. >>>Glow Plugs Symptoms<<<

I, Fouzi thank you for subscribe and visit my website. My Car Symptoms, is my new free e-book subscribe now . The part one ( How You Diagnose Your Car Problem To Save Money )  is Free for you is  limited edition. If your car is in need for glow plugs replacement contact me at Fouzis Service Centre for free quotation and prices. I’ am RMI and warranty insurance accredited. I, have special on Engine  overhaul,  20% discount plus free wheel alignment. Visit this auto parts store for glow plugs and car engine parts prices  click here.                                                       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Glow Plug Trouble Is Free <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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What Are Glow Plugs

Free Basic Information Regarding Glow Plugs


The spark plugs are devices similar to glow plugs which are used in igniting the fuel on small combustion engines normally utilized in model aircraft, model cars and comparable applications. The ignition is performed through resilient, generally platinum, spiral wire filament buried in the tip of the plug. When electricity runs through the stopper, or when subjected to the warmth of the combustion chamber, the thread-like object glows, which will enable it in igniting the unique, fuel being used by the engines. Energy may be applied with the use of an extraordinary connector attached to the exterior of the mechanical device and can utilize rechargeable battery or may use DC source of power.

How Glow Fuel Work

Glow fuel normally is made up of methanol having changeable levels of nitromethane substance as oxidizer intended for superior power, normally between five to thirty percent of the entire blend. The lubricating method is a “total loss” type, which means that the lubricant is driven out from the drain after flowing throughout the engine. When the fuel gets in touch with the warm substance of the spark plug, ignition will occur. The wire stays hot, between rubs of the engine and continues to glow partially because of thermal sluggishness, but mostly because of the catalytic ignition response of methanol which remains in the platinum thread. This maintains the warmth of the filament, permitting the ignition of the next charge, hence supporting the power series.

 Several engines of aircraft are designed in order to operate on fuel without nitromethane content at all. Technically a model engine is somewhat comparable to diesel engines and hot bulb engines since it utilizes internal heat in the ignition of the fuel, but because the combustion timing is not restricted through fuel injection (like in usual diesel engine), or by means of electrical power (like in spark combustion engine), it should be attuned by change of fuel/air mixture as well as coil/plug design normally through the adjustment of several inlets and also controls in the engine.

A richer combination will have the tendency to chill the filament to delay the ignition which will cause the slowing down of the engine. This design can be adjusted also by the use of various plug designs for additional exact heat control. The flush plug engines resemble mostly the hot bulb engines since the ignition of both types occur because of the “hot spot” inside the combustion chamber of the engine.


These engines may be designed in two-cycle process (ignition each rotation) or four-cycle process (ignition in every 2 rotations). The two-stroke model produces extra power; however, the four-stroke engines possess more low-end rotation, less noisy and have lower pitched and more sensible sound.

I, Fouzi thank you for subscribe and visit my website. My Car Symptoms, is my new free e-book subscribe now . The part one ( How You Diagnose Your Car Problem To Save Money )  is Free for you is  limited edition. If your car is in need for Engine or glow plug replacement contact me at Fouzis Service Centre for free quotation and prices. I’ am RMI and warranty insurance accredited. I, have special on Engine  overhaul,  20% discount plus free wheel alignment. Visit this auto parts store for glow plug and car engine parts prices  click here.

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Engine And Transmission


Engine and Transmission Repair

Having your car worked on is like going to the doctor. You never know how much it’s going to cost, how bad it is and you are not sure if you can completely trust the guy. Finding a mechanic you can trust is like finding a doctor you can trust. Before you find the right one, you end up going through several. However, for engine and transmission repairs is the most expensive repairs, there are many places you can take your car for auto engine and transmission but ensuring you are going to a place that give you right advice for your car repairs, share with you what type of repairs going to do in your car, even teach you about your car problems if you don’t have any knowledge about auto mechanic. In this days you need to learn about your car problems if you want to save money on repairs.Is not late to learn and have all the  knowledge you need about your vehicle repairs.

Engine And Transmission Tips

Engine And Transmission Most of the times, to do repair for the smallest symptoms is very important and is the best decision you are making.  But if the transmission  and engine are badly damages their replacement may be is  the best solution. If you car overheating may be the cause of water leak,  one of the gears is jumping out from the gear can be caused also from your transmission oil leak. Your engine oil leak can cause noisy engine and bearing knock. All this car problems can put you on stress.

engine and transmission The failures can start from small, when you see your car temperature is high that mean is malfunction of component on the cooling system or leak. On this type of your car problems symptoms keep an eye for any leak and the most important solution is to take care of your car engine and transmission do not put yourself in the situation to do replacements of your engine and transmission. You can imagine what will be the cost to overhaul your engine.

engine and transmission Engine and transmission their function is to create mechanical movement to pull your car forward or backward and allow you to drive it around, even take take long trip for your vacation. Replacing failure engine and transmission is actually one of the most tress operation you putting yourself in. I have costumers visit my workshop and looking for prices to repair or replace engine and transmission, I am not going to say is their fault or their not taking care about their car, is not that easy they can find right automotive service centre to give them right information, teach them some car problems symptoms, each car owner deserve to learn more about the car problems.

Now, with this free information here is opportunity for you to learn about your car problems symptoms, and how you can take care of your car, to save money and time.

A good way to save on auto work is by finding automotive service and special discount from a mechanic you know and trust. Engine and transmission  special discount are a great way to save a ton of money and have work done by a reputable and dependable Automotive Service Centre.

I, Fouzi thank you for subscribing and visiting my website. My Car Symptoms, is my new e-book subscribe now is limited edition. If your car is in need of engine and transmission repairs or change contact me at Fouzis Service Centre for free quotation and prices. I have special on the engine and transmission repairs. Visit this auto parts store for engine and transmission exchange units click here.

We Are Retail Motoring Industry Organisation  (RMI) And Insurance Warranty Accredited. In House Financing Arrangement.

Automotive Service And Repair Manual for your car buy it Now.
How to Tune-up a car and prices.
Automotive Service And Repairs Prices List
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Replacing Spark Plugs


How To Change Spark Plugs

   Spark plugs are a very important part of your engines performance and therefore you should take the time necessary to make an informed decision. How to change spark plugs is a very easy task if you have the knowledge and correct tools. There are many different types available so it is necessary for you to decide which type you need or will work in your vehicle.

Not all spark plugs are the same. In fact, there are several different types that offer several different performance improvements such as better fuel mileage, longer life, better starts and much more. To start let’s look at the different types:

  • Some companies offer a plug with an iridium tip. Iridium is a precious metal that has properties that are well suited for the electrode because of its high melting point and will produce a more efficient spark because of a smaller center electrode. Platinum is also used but typically has a larger electrode thus requiring more voltage to create a spark. Newer designs have corrected that problem but iridium tends to last longer because of its higher melting point.
  • Another involves the different types of ground electrode designs. Typically these are designed to create a greater spark thus a more efficient fuel air mixture burn. Also, some claim to increase the life of the electrode because the design allows for a better spark reducing the wear that a typical single electrode will have.
  • One company offers a spark plug that has a “current peaking capacitor” that claims to increase the peak spark power from 50 watts to over 1,000,000 watts. They claim it will improve your fuel economy, torque, and overall performance.
  • Another design involves placing the threads above the cylinder head seating for a more comprehensive seal thus resulting in more durability, power, improved heat transfer and a more focused ignition power the company claims.
  • Some offer different types of insulator material with the idea that it offers more strength along with better insulator properties to prevent volt leakage thus a stronger more efficient spark. Also some claim to dissipate the heat better which allows for a more efficient spark.

So, with all of the different choices available how does one know which spark plug is best for their vehicle. The best way that I found is to get on a forum that is specific to your vehicle and see what others have posted in order to get an unbiased opinion.

There are some spark plug trouble you need to learn. After all this free information you decide if you want to change your plugs or you drive your car to auto mechanic. Click here and learn. Your spark plug store online free shipping.

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Engine Piston

Piston Ring Failure – Causes and Prevention

One of the major complaints that I have heard from many mechanics, and engine technicians, is that piston rings in heavy duty tractor engines wore out prematurely. I have heard this complaint many times. As per normal human responses, there is a quest to rationale the reasons as to why this component failed, as per the complaints from those in the field.

Not surprising, complaints of piston ring failure are blamed on the manufacturer of the rings. It’s not unusual to hear “Do not use these types of rings” and specific manufacturers are mentioned. However, I have heard these complaints about rings from OEM companies as well.

 My analysis led to several pertinent discoveries, especially after a particular customer asked for Original Caterpillar Piston Rings, not the rings presented to him. Little that that customer knows that the rings presented to him were manufactured by the same company that is on contract for Caterpillar. The first mistake that is made that contributes to major ring failure, is the seemingly economic benefit, of changing the piston rings only, however, the piston pin, piston pin retainer, and the cylinder liners are left in the used condition. These reused parts have clearances due to normal wear on the metal parts that contributes to slight but permanent vibrations within the entire engine. These almost invisible vibrations will lead to premature wear on all components, and most importantly, to the vibration of the rings on the piston head.

An engine with a 2800 rpm rating, with minor vibrations at that high speed, will have additional stress and strain on internal engine components. Other than the vibrations mentioned above, the used cylinder liner itself is damaged, with microscopic indentations, scratches, and worn out sections. This contributes to an uneven surface that the new piston rings have to move up and down in at 2800 rpm.

It’s this phenomenon that contributes to premature ring failure. Piston rings from original companies like Caterpillar and Cummins, will fail prematurely in this situations. Aftermarket piston rings from other reputable companies will fail prematurely in these situations. The problem is in reused cylinder liners, and not piston rings.

It’s not unusual therefore, that both OEM and aftermarket companies do not provide a warranty for rings that were changed without also changing the other internal components, namely the cylinder liner, piston, piston pin, and piston pin retainer.

While specific company warranty applies, most of them will consider this practice as voiding the warranty. The recommended thing to do, even though it’s a little more expensive, is to change all of the liner kits at the same time. Its more work, it’s a little more money, however, the results are better engine performance, less breakdown possibility, less fuel consumption, less pollution and GHG emissions, and the most important part, more peace of mind for the owner/manager.

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Fuel Injection Problems


 What is fuel – injection?

The advertisements on television talk about fuel – injection as if everyone knows exactly what the term means. But not everyone is a car mechanic even if they do recognize the term. So the first question is: What is fuel – injection? The second question is: Why should you care about keeping it running smoothly?

Obviously, by the name, you can tell a fuel – injection system handles getting fuel to the car engine. Despite being discussed as if it is a fairly new invention, it’s actually been in existence since the 1950s. The fuel – injection system was designed to address the need for fewer polluting emissions from cars and to supply fuel to the engine in a more efficient manner.

Going Modern

Fuel injection replaced the old-style carburetors and is combined with a catalytic converter where there are strict air quality standards. The catalytic converter changes dangerous emissions into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide. But in order to accomplish this goal, the fuel must be supplied to the catalytic converter in the right mixture and amount.

Thus the fuel – injection system was born, and Mobile Car Care mechanics are thoroughly trained on both old and new styles. The fuel – injection system supplies the right air and fuel ratio to the engine. If a catalytic converter is on the car, the car emissions are rendered virtually harmless. But a catalytic converter is not required for the fuel – injection system to work properly.

There are two types of fuel – injection systems on the market now. The multipoint fuel – injection system has one fuel injector per cylinder. They are mounted on the intake manifold and use ignition voltage for operational power. There is a control module which contains a switch which turns the power on and off as the cylinders need fuel. Fuel is sprayed as needed to keep the engine running smoothly.

The second type of fuel – injection system is called a throttle body injection system. As the name suggest, fuel injector(s) are installed on the throttle body. The fuel is sprayed, mixes with the air, and then delivered to the cylinders by the intake manifold. This is a less efficient system and in areas where strict air emission control standards were put into place, the throttle body injection system was replaced by the multiport fuel – injection system during vehicle manufacturing.

Lifetime of Service

It is clear the fuel – injection – system plays an important role in the efficient operation of the vehicle. Most people are not qualified nor have the right diagnostic tools to test and maintain a fuel -injection system. Yet it is critical to keep your fuel – injection – systems working efficiently for the benefit of the engine and to meet air emission standards.

Maintenance of the fuel – injection system can prevent many problems from developing.

* Change the fuel filter periodically
* Clean fuel injectors
* Fuel flow testing
* Spray pattern testing

The Mobile Car Care vans are equipped with the necessary diagnostic equipment perform all necessary fuel – injection system maintenance operations. With some basic and regular maintenance, most fuel – injection systems last for the life of the vehicle.

The most important step you can take is to let a trained professional mechanic perform routine maintenance.

The bottom line is this: it costs a lot less to maintain your vehicle than to replace it.

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