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Car Engine Repaired Or Replaced?


Car Engine Repaired Or Replaced?

Having to replace an air pump is inconvenient, but tolerable. Replacing a muffler or alternator is more costly and thus, more frustrating. But it’s still bearable. Your car’s engine, on the other hand, is among the few assemblies (your transmission is the other one) where a failure can crush your budget.

Your engine will not last forever, of course. Depending on how hard you drive it and the number of miles you put on it, you can expect it to last between 100,000 miles and twice that amount. If you keep your vehicle long enough, it will eventually develop major problems.

Below, we’ll explore the decision to fix the assembly versus having it replaced. We’ll explain why uncovering the root causes of a given problem is a critical piece to making this decision. Lastly, we’ll describe the key differences between a brand new engine and a remanufactured unit.

Deciding Whether To Repair The Assembly

Suppose your vehicle is eight or nine years old and you’ve driven it extremely hard over those years. As a result, your engine has finally failed. The first question to ask is whether you should keep your car, or retire it and buy a new one. A lot depends on its age, value, and overall condition.

For example, if your car has a market value of $2,500, spending over $1,000 to have your engine repaired (or replaced) may make little sense. But if your vehicle has retained its value and other major components (e.g. transmission) remain in good shape, spending the money might be worthwhile.

Let’s suppose you have decided to keep your car. Now, the question becomes whether you should have the failing engine repaired or replaced. Your decision will largely hinge on its condition and the number of miles on it.

For example, if the assembly has 130,000 miles, a history of valve or piston problems, and a chronic misfire, repairing it will be costly. The mechanic might need to perform extensive work on the cylinders. He may need to align the engine block and replace the valves.

Also, with an overhaul, the entire assembly must be dismantled. The individual pieces are disassembled, so the mechanic can check for blemishes, fissures, or other structural problems. The components that are in good condition are then cleaned. The ones that are in poor condition are replaced. Once the parts have either been cleaned or replaced, the assembly is put back together.

This is painstaking work. An engine overhaul requires an enormous amount of time and effort. This is the reason a lot of mechanics will strongly suggest having the engine replaced.

Differences Between New And Remanufactured Engines

You can buy a used assembly from a junkyard, but doing so may be dangerous. There’s no way to be certain whether there are problems hidden from view, especially with engines that have a lot of miles. Even if you find a used assembly with low miles and a limited warranty, it will usually be a less-than-ideal option. The price will be consistent with a remanufactured unit, which will have been brought up to OEM standards. At that point, you’re better off investing in the latter.

A new engine is exactly how it sounds. Every individual piece is new. The valves, pistons, engine block, connecting rods, and other parts have never been used.

A remanufactured unit is nearly as good (and far less expensive). Remans are used assemblies that have been dismantled, closely examined, and carefully cleaned. Most of the pieces that wear over time (e.g. timing belt, gaskets, etc.) are replaced. Then, the assembly is rebuilt and tested to ensure it meets OEM standards.

Which option is best? If your budget is limited, a remanufactured engine that has been brought up to OEM specifications is an ideal solution. It will get your car back on the road without the high cost associated with a new assembly.

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Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service Interval Recommendations

FOUZIS SERVICE CENTRE       Many car manufacturers have extended the oil change service interval mileage and this has caused                                                                           many questions from our clients as to what the correct oil change interval should be.

Modern oils have increased engine life and protect other vital components better than ever and many engines are now coming with change intervals as high as 12,000 kilometers. These kind of service intervals do not come without some concerns for us based on our experience servicing thousands of cars every year.

We believe every vehicle should be serviced at least twice a year or every 7,000 km during its first 100,000 km and every 5,000 k for cars over 100,000 km regardless of the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations (unless the manufacturers recommended mileage is less) and the reasons are outlined below:

1. Engines still consume oil and running out of oil is catastrophic to the engine, most people never check their oil, and we see engines several litres low on oil ALL the time. Waiting another thousand kilometers may have run them completely empty.

2. Engines consume more oil as the mileage gets higher, therefore our change in recommendations at 100,000 km

3. Changing the oil frequently will prolong the engines life.

4. Clean oil will prolong oil seals life by keeping them soft and prevent leaks

5. Dirt, moisture and other contaminants build up in oil just as fast as they used to, and can cause drastic consequences if left in the engine too long.

6. No two cars are driven exactly the same way and the extended intervals are based on ideal conditions, that many of our cars never see.

7. Most vehicles only get a maintenance inspection when the oil is being changed, inspection of filters and items that wear with age, twice a year is our recommendation to keep your car safe and reliable.

8. Vehicle manufacturers are in the business of selling new cars, every car that lasts beyond 150,000 km is one lest vehicle sold. We see many cars with well over 300,000 km on them and performing great. These vehicles have one thing in common: they have been well maintained.

Regardless of whether you choose to use our recommendations or those of your car manufacturer we respect the choice you make as long as it’s an informed one. Diesel engines and some European luxury cars will have different recommendations, always consult with your automotive service provider if you have any questions about your car’s engine.

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Car Repairs Estimates

                             FOUZIS SERVICE CENTRE

                  CAR REPAIRS ESTIMATES 


I hear this all time “why does it cost me so much to repair my car?” The answer I am giving you. You not looking or you can’t find an honest mechanic.What i am giving you now is the best prices , the best service, and honesty. The prices going to be send to you that what you going to pay , if you use my services. This is not a  flyer you pick up at the robot.Because we all know when we pick-up our cars from mechanic. The price we pay is normally double to what the flyer promised.         

Saving Money on Costly Engine Repair

Engine repair for your vehicle is news no one likes to hear. It can only mean 1 result, money spent on your car just to keep it running. Replacing the engine is usually the most expensive mechanical repair that is performed on a vehicle. People have to replace used engines for several different reasons. Most of the time failure is due to lack of maintenance. Issues that happen from not keeping your car are many. Dirty oil is always a problem for engines. When the oil is not changed on a regular basis sludge builds up. Most people do not realize engines have very small oil journals that need to stay clear so all areas of the engine stay lubricated. You can have just 1 of these areas get enough build up to restrict flow to a small area of the engine and the will in turn cause total failure of the engine.

The timing belt is a very inexpensive item that is over looked so much in today’s cars. Not because of the cost of the part but the repair itself is the issue. Your owner’s manual will have a recommended time when the timing belt needs replacing. To replace a timing belt means the front of the engine including all the belt driven accessories must be removed to replace the belt. The bigger problem is if the belt is not replaced when it should be. The timing belt is under a tremendous load and when it breaks, the engine becomes non-repairable. Most engines today are interference engine by design. That means if the timing is off, the valves will hit the pistons and major damage occurs. The timing belt goes around the crankshaft and up to the cam shaft. This is how the valves open to let fuel in and close for combustion, the exhaust valves open to let out the spent fuel. When the valves open they push down into the cylinder where the piston is moving up and down. The piston is on the down stroke when the intake valve opens and comes back to the top as the valve closes and the gas explodes. That pushed the piston back down and the exhaust valve opens to let the exhaust out. When the timing belt breaks the bottom of the engine keeps turning but the cam stops. Half of the valves will be in the down position or open. The pistons hit the valves and extreme damage occurs. I wanted to see what a damaged engine looked like so the people at ASAP Motors dismantled an engine that had been damaged and allowed me to see the cylinders. If I learned one thing, replace the timing belt when the time comes.

After you receive the estimate from your garage, do your homework. Shop the internet for what you are looking for. There are many suppliers who will compete against each other trying to offer the best deal. After you settle on whom you want to do business with, check out the BBB report. They are a very good honest source of information about companies. Then take and compare the prices you’re found with the installer you are using. An import reason to keep in mind is if the installer supplies the engine, he warranties the labor. But he will mark up the used engine he selling you and could be purchasing from the same company you are.

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