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Replacing Spark Plugs


How To Change Spark Plugs

   Spark plugs are a very important part of your engines performance and therefore you should take the time necessary to make an informed decision. How to change spark plugs is a very easy task if you have the knowledge and correct tools. There are many different types available so it is necessary for you to decide which type you need or will work in your vehicle.

Not all spark plugs are the same. In fact, there are several different types that offer several different performance improvements such as better fuel mileage, longer life, better starts and much more. To start let’s look at the different types:

  • Some companies offer a plug with an iridium tip. Iridium is a precious metal that has properties that are well suited for the electrode because of its high melting point and will produce a more efficient spark because of a smaller center electrode. Platinum is also used but typically has a larger electrode thus requiring more voltage to create a spark. Newer designs have corrected that problem but iridium tends to last longer because of its higher melting point.
  • Another involves the different types of ground electrode designs. Typically these are designed to create a greater spark thus a more efficient fuel air mixture burn. Also, some claim to increase the life of the electrode because the design allows for a better spark reducing the wear that a typical single electrode will have.
  • One company offers a spark plug that has a “current peaking capacitor” that claims to increase the peak spark power from 50 watts to over 1,000,000 watts. They claim it will improve your fuel economy, torque, and overall performance.
  • Another design involves placing the threads above the cylinder head seating for a more comprehensive seal thus resulting in more durability, power, improved heat transfer and a more focused ignition power the company claims.
  • Some offer different types of insulator material with the idea that it offers more strength along with better insulator properties to prevent volt leakage thus a stronger more efficient spark. Also some claim to dissipate the heat better which allows for a more efficient spark.

So, with all of the different choices available how does one know which spark plug is best for their vehicle. The best way that I found is to get on a forum that is specific to your vehicle and see what others have posted in order to get an unbiased opinion.

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