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What Is Tune Up For A Car ?


Why You Need  Tune-Up For A Car ?

 Routine auto repair is necessary to keep your car running smoothly and to avoid costly repairs that can result from major engine components breaking down. Regularly scheduled maintenance is designed to keep the important parts of your car in working order and can save you money in the long run. During tune-up for a car a trained technician will go through a specific process designed to examine, repair and adjust all of the necessary parts of your vehicle.

When You Need To Take Your Car To Tune Up Shop

 If you notice something wrong with your cars performance such as engine stalling or hear an unusual sound it is best to take your car to tune up and  repair shop immediately and have it inspected in order to prevent further damage from occurring. In fact, keeping up with routine maintenance is the surest way to keep costly major repairs or overhauls from occurring and save money and time in the long run.

Tune Up For A Car Can Help You To Know If Your Car Do Not Lose Performance

 A car contains hundreds of components that wear down over time and cause your car to lose performance and fuel efficiency. A tune-up for a car analyzes all of these elements in order to determine what needs to be repaired to make sure your car is running like new. Also, it can catch small repairs before they become big ones so you’ll have less break downs and costly overhauls. It is recommended you have a tune-up every couple of years.

Doing Tune Up For A Car To Save Money On Other Repairs

You can save money by calling different repair shops and comparing rates to ensure you are getting the best deal. Remember, costly auto repair can be avoided by keeping up with scheduled routine maintenance. Diagnose car problems for any small malfunction and doing car tune up to save money when it comes to the major repairs.

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 How to Tune-up a car and prices

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Cheap Tires Online

    Cheap tires online

How To Find Cheap Tires Online ?

Cheap tires onlineMany people are surprised to discover that you can find cheap tires online. In fact, some of the best deals you can get are on the internet. You can completely fit your auto or truck by shopping on the internet. It is convenient and saves you money.

You can use one of the popular search engines to locate the websites of the major distributors and manufacturers. These products may be inexpensive but they are still high quality. The finest quality cheap tires can be found on the web. You will get great customer service too. Select a web site that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Cheap tires onlineYou can learn some helpful feedback and advice on the many blogs and web forums that discuss cars and trucks. You can ask others on the blogs about the best websites for purchasing your cheap tires online. You can get some excellent tips and hints about buying cheap tires online on the web from following the blogs. This is very helpful if you are new to buying things on the web. The best websites feature videos so you can actually see the products performing in action.

Every vehicle, whether it is a car, truck or motorcycle, has its own unique requirements when it comes to this particular product of cheap tires online. Because of this, the website you choose to do business with should have a complete selection of different types and sizes. There must be products from all the major manufacturers as well. Fortunately, websites like this do exist that offer all the sizes and types along with all the major manufacturers.

Free Information And Tips From Cheap Tires Online Store

What Is The Metric Tire Size Mean To You?

Your car tires are metric sized steel belted radial, or fiberglass tires. The metric tire sizes is the size of tire written on the side of your tires. The most of the car owners and drivers they concern only about the size of tires, but you going to learn about each number and alphabet you read on your tires, example (P 235/45 R 17). The P, T or C  stand for tire type ( Passenger, Temporary, Commercial), the number 235 is section of the width of your tire on millimeters maybe your car is ( 175185195, 205 etc). The aspect ratio is the section of the height and the width is the 45 ( 7065, 75, 80, etc). The tire construction (Radial, Diagonal, Bias Belted) is determine by the letters ( R, D, B). The last number 17 is your car Rim or Wheel diameter and is measured in Inches ( 13, 14, 15, 16, 17).

How The Tires Replacement Work?

When you want to change your car tires they must be replaced in pairs on the same axle, but if you going to replace only one tire you must be sure is  the same size, and the thread design same to the other. The manufactures they have different thread design, and if you fit different make, size, and made in the front wheels of your car is going to pull to one side on the road while you are driving may affect the ride and the handling of your car. Do not mix different types of tires too radial and bias belted. So by do not doing that you saving your self money setting wheel alignment.

How to Maintain Your Car Tires And Achieve The Maximum Their Lifespan?

The tire pressure has very important effect on handling and wear, the pressure on all tires should be checked at least once a month or before any road trips and set to the correct pressure of the service manual book. To achieve the maximum life of your vehicle tires they should be rotated at the intervals service or every 10000 km.

What You Should Check Before You Purchase Cheap Tires Online

Cheap tires onlineSelect a website that is user friendly and easy to navigate. The best websites allow you to enter the size and type you are looking for. You can also enter the make and model of your vehicle. Then the website’s search function will give you a list of the cheap tires that match your search request. You can sort your search results by price, location, and other criteria.

You can pay for your purchase on a secured site using your credit card or an e-check from your checking account. Your payment is perfectly safe because it is done over a secured site. Once you have made your payment you will be provided a list of locations in your area to go to have them install your purchase. There are no extra charges for the installation.

Your purchase is covered by all the manufacturer warranties. You can check with the manufacturer to learn the details of the manufacturer warranty. Now that you know how to find cheap tires online, it is easy to understand why this is the preferable way to make this important purchase.

Are you looking for cheap tires online? There is the best deal, The cheap tires online is tire buyer.

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brake master cylinder

Brake Master Cylinder: The Most Common Repair

  The most common type of brake repair lies within the hydraulics of the system. Brake fluid is vital to the brakes because it transfers force into pressure, which helps the other components of the braking system work correctly. The force needed to stop the car is far greater than the force applied when the operator of the vehicle presses their foot on the brake pedal. The fluid provides the hydraulic force needed to efficiently operate the brakes with the force needed. Often times, it needs to be flushed out of the car, and replaced because old fluid has a lower boiling point, and tends to attract moisture.

The excess moisture can cause rust, and is especially damaging to anti-lock braking systems. Mechanics recommend a flush every 30,000 miles, it is good preventative maintenance toward keeping the system working efficiently. Bleeding is simply letting some of the fluid out to remove the air pockets that have become trapped in the system. Checking the brake fluid can provide details of any required maintenance from refilling, to leaks.

Another common brake repair is replacing the brake pads. The pads lie within the disc and provide a buffer between the calipers and the rotors. When the brakes are applied, the caliper squeezes the pads into the rotor, which stops the vehicle. Although there isn’t a specific mileage milestone to indicate a need for new pads, the pads are equipped with a a small metal tab that will rub against the rotor and make a squealing noise when they have worn thin and need replacement. Ignoring this warning signal for too long can lessen braking efficiency and cause serious damage to the rotors.

  The master cylinder controls the volume of fluid that is forced through the system. When the master cylinder malfunctions, there is an internal leak that is not always immediately detected by brake fluid leaking from the car. Attention should be given to this component if the pedal slowly sinks to the floor when the pedal is applied, or if the operator must ‘pump’ the brakes in order for the pedal to return to normal pressure. A red warning light will also appear on the dashboard if there is a problem with the master cylinder. If leaking is more obvious, the problem my be with the tubes or hoses that carry the fluid from the master cylinder.

The braking system has many components working together that enable safe operation of a vehicle. Always pay attention to how the brakes feel when pressure is applied, and take the car to a certified mechanic for preventative maintenance. Never put off repairs to the braking system.

If you are experiencing problems with your brakes, you may be in need of a brake repair,

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Replacing Spark Plugs


How To Change Spark Plugs

   Spark plugs are a very important part of your engines performance and therefore you should take the time necessary to make an informed decision. How to change spark plugs is a very easy task if you have the knowledge and correct tools. There are many different types available so it is necessary for you to decide which type you need or will work in your vehicle.

Not all spark plugs are the same. In fact, there are several different types that offer several different performance improvements such as better fuel mileage, longer life, better starts and much more. To start let’s look at the different types:

  • Some companies offer a plug with an iridium tip. Iridium is a precious metal that has properties that are well suited for the electrode because of its high melting point and will produce a more efficient spark because of a smaller center electrode. Platinum is also used but typically has a larger electrode thus requiring more voltage to create a spark. Newer designs have corrected that problem but iridium tends to last longer because of its higher melting point.
  • Another involves the different types of ground electrode designs. Typically these are designed to create a greater spark thus a more efficient fuel air mixture burn. Also, some claim to increase the life of the electrode because the design allows for a better spark reducing the wear that a typical single electrode will have.
  • One company offers a spark plug that has a “current peaking capacitor” that claims to increase the peak spark power from 50 watts to over 1,000,000 watts. They claim it will improve your fuel economy, torque, and overall performance.
  • Another design involves placing the threads above the cylinder head seating for a more comprehensive seal thus resulting in more durability, power, improved heat transfer and a more focused ignition power the company claims.
  • Some offer different types of insulator material with the idea that it offers more strength along with better insulator properties to prevent volt leakage thus a stronger more efficient spark. Also some claim to dissipate the heat better which allows for a more efficient spark.

So, with all of the different choices available how does one know which spark plug is best for their vehicle. The best way that I found is to get on a forum that is specific to your vehicle and see what others have posted in order to get an unbiased opinion.

There are some spark plug trouble you need to learn. After all this free information you decide if you want to change your plugs or you drive your car to auto mechanic. Click here and learn. Your spark plug store online free shipping.

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Automotive Bodyparts


Where to Buy Affordable Auto Body Parts

One of the most commonly required products are auto body parts for your automobile. These auto body parts are required regularly when your automobile has a breakdown or is in need of maintenance. All vehicle owners, be it a two wheeler, four wheeler, or a truck, auto body parts and accessories are a necessity. This is one necessity that people will also invest in, during recession period. For this reason the auto parts industry is growing bigger everyday. If you think buying an automobile or a vehicle is expensive, buying their body parts is also very expensive. However there are a few ways in which you can buy good quality products at a reduced price. Some of these ways are:

Used parts – buying used parts are a great way to save money. At times vehicles are sold off or get damaged in an accident. In such situations the other parts remain intact and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are sold off over a discount sale at a much lower price. These are opportunities that you can make use of to get good quality products at an affordable price. These used car parts are available at special car sales or even auto stores or auto garages.

Buy in bulk – as is applicable in all markets, the auto market also follows the same rule of providing discounts on bulk purchases. Buying bulk quantities of any product will always ensure that you get a good discount on your purchase. These discounts are available with all auto dealers, auto garages or even auto parts stores.

Sale – at various times of the year you may find discount sales going on, on various auto parts and accessories. You have a high possibility of coming across a near match of your requirement. These discounts are sometimes on a special group of products. At other times it could also be a flat discount on all products available at the store. Sometimes promotional discount coupons are also available which are distributed amongst automobile owners. These can be used to avail discounts and make your purchase more affordable.

Shop online – most online stores have some type of discounts or offers running which enable them to attract new buyers. Just keep your eyes open and find out if they have refund policies in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

One of the most prominent online stores that sell a wide range of products. You can browse through their website to find a wide variety of products that will suit your requirements.


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Engine Piston

Piston Ring Failure – Causes and Prevention

One of the major complaints that I have heard from many mechanics, and engine technicians, is that piston rings in heavy duty tractor engines wore out prematurely. I have heard this complaint many times. As per normal human responses, there is a quest to rationale the reasons as to why this component failed, as per the complaints from those in the field.

Not surprising, complaints of piston ring failure are blamed on the manufacturer of the rings. It’s not unusual to hear “Do not use these types of rings” and specific manufacturers are mentioned. However, I have heard these complaints about rings from OEM companies as well.

 My analysis led to several pertinent discoveries, especially after a particular customer asked for Original Caterpillar Piston Rings, not the rings presented to him. Little that that customer knows that the rings presented to him were manufactured by the same company that is on contract for Caterpillar. The first mistake that is made that contributes to major ring failure, is the seemingly economic benefit, of changing the piston rings only, however, the piston pin, piston pin retainer, and the cylinder liners are left in the used condition. These reused parts have clearances due to normal wear on the metal parts that contributes to slight but permanent vibrations within the entire engine. These almost invisible vibrations will lead to premature wear on all components, and most importantly, to the vibration of the rings on the piston head.

An engine with a 2800 rpm rating, with minor vibrations at that high speed, will have additional stress and strain on internal engine components. Other than the vibrations mentioned above, the used cylinder liner itself is damaged, with microscopic indentations, scratches, and worn out sections. This contributes to an uneven surface that the new piston rings have to move up and down in at 2800 rpm.

It’s this phenomenon that contributes to premature ring failure. Piston rings from original companies like Caterpillar and Cummins, will fail prematurely in this situations. Aftermarket piston rings from other reputable companies will fail prematurely in these situations. The problem is in reused cylinder liners, and not piston rings.

It’s not unusual therefore, that both OEM and aftermarket companies do not provide a warranty for rings that were changed without also changing the other internal components, namely the cylinder liner, piston, piston pin, and piston pin retainer.

While specific company warranty applies, most of them will consider this practice as voiding the warranty. The recommended thing to do, even though it’s a little more expensive, is to change all of the liner kits at the same time. Its more work, it’s a little more money, however, the results are better engine performance, less breakdown possibility, less fuel consumption, less pollution and GHG emissions, and the most important part, more peace of mind for the owner/manager.

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Suspension Repair


Car Suspension System Repairs

A car’s steering system enables the car to turn and its suspension system smooths out the ride. However things can go wrong, making the ride rough or steering difficult or dangerous. This means time to repair. Many types of steering and suspension systems have been used to control cars. Older cars use mechanical suspension that relies on springs and shock absorbers but new cars use hydraulic cylinders called struts. Besides this, many of today’s cars rely on rack and pinion steering. Without proper care, a car’s steering system should give 80,000 to 100,000 miles of smooth turns.

Why The Car Doesn’t Turn Where It Is Turned
Here are some tips for troubleshooting steering and suspension systems:
– If the car’s power steering system growls when turning, then the power steering booster fluid level needs to be checked.
– If the car makes strong squeal, the drive belt on the power steering unit should be checked.
– If the car shimmies, then the tire pressure should be checked for any damages.
– If the car leans hard in corners, the stabilizer and struts should be checked for loose parts and wear.
– If the older car is difficult to steer, then the steering system’s zerk fittings needs lubrication.

For repairing steering systems, follow this guide:
The tie-rod ends have to be inspected, adjusted and replaced if necessary. They connect the wheels to the steering unit. They can wear out if they damaged or worn. Mark the location of the old ones for the new ones to be replaced in the same position.
The steering gear unit has to be inspected adjusted and replaced if necessary. Adjustments can be made to steering gear systems with wrench and screwdriver. Help can be taken from the  service manual. In case of replacement, the steering wheel and column may need to be removed first. The manual has to be consulted as every car is different. The repaired steering system can be checked by taking a test drive.

The car’s suspension system includes leaf springs, a stabilizer bar, a suspension arm, a shock absorber and/or MacPherson struts.
For replacing suspension parts, follow this guide:

First, find out the specific suspension parts of the car. Jack up the car and place safety stands under the wheels. Replace the bushings by removing the brackets holding the bar in place. Shock absorbers are installed inside the coil spring at each wheel and can be replaced by removing the bolts at the top and bottom that connect them to the suspension system. The manufacturer’s instructions have to be followed because shock absorbers and springs are under tension and can cause injuries if improperly removed. Remove the fasteners at the top and bottom that connect them to the suspension system. The car service manual will help in this. Replace the strut as a unit. Many cars have upper and lower suspension arms mounted on rubber bushings. For replacing them, loosen and remove a bolt on which the bushing is mounted.

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Fuel Injection Problems


 What is fuel – injection?

The advertisements on television talk about fuel – injection as if everyone knows exactly what the term means. But not everyone is a car mechanic even if they do recognize the term. So the first question is: What is fuel – injection? The second question is: Why should you care about keeping it running smoothly?

Obviously, by the name, you can tell a fuel – injection system handles getting fuel to the car engine. Despite being discussed as if it is a fairly new invention, it’s actually been in existence since the 1950s. The fuel – injection system was designed to address the need for fewer polluting emissions from cars and to supply fuel to the engine in a more efficient manner.

Going Modern

Fuel injection replaced the old-style carburetors and is combined with a catalytic converter where there are strict air quality standards. The catalytic converter changes dangerous emissions into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide. But in order to accomplish this goal, the fuel must be supplied to the catalytic converter in the right mixture and amount.

Thus the fuel – injection system was born, and Mobile Car Care mechanics are thoroughly trained on both old and new styles. The fuel – injection system supplies the right air and fuel ratio to the engine. If a catalytic converter is on the car, the car emissions are rendered virtually harmless. But a catalytic converter is not required for the fuel – injection system to work properly.

There are two types of fuel – injection systems on the market now. The multipoint fuel – injection system has one fuel injector per cylinder. They are mounted on the intake manifold and use ignition voltage for operational power. There is a control module which contains a switch which turns the power on and off as the cylinders need fuel. Fuel is sprayed as needed to keep the engine running smoothly.

The second type of fuel – injection system is called a throttle body injection system. As the name suggest, fuel injector(s) are installed on the throttle body. The fuel is sprayed, mixes with the air, and then delivered to the cylinders by the intake manifold. This is a less efficient system and in areas where strict air emission control standards were put into place, the throttle body injection system was replaced by the multiport fuel – injection system during vehicle manufacturing.

Lifetime of Service

It is clear the fuel – injection – system plays an important role in the efficient operation of the vehicle. Most people are not qualified nor have the right diagnostic tools to test and maintain a fuel -injection system. Yet it is critical to keep your fuel – injection – systems working efficiently for the benefit of the engine and to meet air emission standards.

Maintenance of the fuel – injection system can prevent many problems from developing.

* Change the fuel filter periodically
* Clean fuel injectors
* Fuel flow testing
* Spray pattern testing

The Mobile Car Care vans are equipped with the necessary diagnostic equipment perform all necessary fuel – injection system maintenance operations. With some basic and regular maintenance, most fuel – injection systems last for the life of the vehicle.

The most important step you can take is to let a trained professional mechanic perform routine maintenance.

The bottom line is this: it costs a lot less to maintain your vehicle than to replace it.

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Automatic Car Transmission



An automatic transmission is the latest version of manual transmission that was used in cars of olden days. The automatic one changes the gear depending on the speed of the vehicle, thus freeing the driver from the trouble of shifting the gear manually. Whether in US cities like Chantilly, South Riding or anywhere in the world, people always prefer cars with automatic transmission.

Since the popularity of automatic transmission is increasing day after day, car manufacturing giants are coming up with modern cars which have only such gear system instead of the old manual transmission. Recently BMW launched 650i Convertible which comes with an 8 speed automatic transmission which offers a lovely combination of flexibility, speed, and sportiness.

Since the automatic transmission can be considered as one of the most complex piece of machinery, a number of warnings are associated with it which you need to be aware of. Some of them are:

Leakage: If you notice a small pool of pinkish oil on the ground after taking your car out, then it is a sign of a major problem. Transmissions can leak from a number of external seals, some of which are quite easy to repair whereas; others require the expertise of professional mechanics to deal with. This is often overlooked by most US citizens in cities like South Riding and Burke which can prove dangerous in the future.

Shaking: Sometimes drivers experience a shaking sensation especially while driving at high speeds. This may be due to poor engine tune or in most cases can be due to the malfunction of the vehicle transmission. Best would be to take the vehicle to an expert mechanic.

Delayed reverse or drive: When you notice that your car is taking longer than usual to shift the gears once the shifter is put to “D” or “R” then it is a clear sign of a mechanical problem with the transmission. Such delays can be mainly due to low fluid level in the gear box or a band that may require adjustment.

Burning smell: If you get a burning smell, it may mean that the transmission of your car is overheating or the fluid is leaking onto the exhaust. This needs immediate attention of a mechanic.

Automatic Transmission Problems :

Shift speed too high or to low: Throttle and pedal cables out of adjustment.

Lose of drive : Fluid level too low.Drive plate to torque converter bolt fallen out.Internal fault.

Erratic drive: Fluid level too low.Dirty oil pan filter.

Gear selection jerky: Fluid level too low. Idle speed too high.

Poor acceleration: Faulty torque converter.Throttle and pedal cables out of adjustment.Brakes sticking on

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Car Suspension System


Car suspension system is a vital part of your car that allows you control it more effectively. It is the car suspension system that is responsible for ensuring a smooth and safe ride every time you decide to take your car anywhere. An important thing that most car owners forget is that like other parts of your car, the performance of its suspension system deteriorates because of wear and tear.

Thus, the importance of replacing various components (including but not limited to shocks or struts, bushings and springs, and wheel alignment) of your car’s suspension system in a timely manner cannot be overemphasized. A careful look at your car’s suspension system will give you a fair idea about the steps you can take to ensure optimal performance.

Although there are certain (maintenance) tasks that car enthusiasts will want to perform themselves, the more technical (maintenance) tasks such as rotating tires, while setting the alignment and replacing bushings are best left to a professional. Some of the most important parts of a car’s suspension system include tyres, shock absorbers, arms and bushings, ball joints, coil springs, and stabilizer bar link etc. Experts recommend using only original equipment manufacturer parts since the performance of aftermarket parts is inconsistent at best.

What to Check in your Car’s Suspension System?

As clarified above, you do not need a professional mechanic to tell you that your car’s suspension system requires maintenance. You can easily establish as much yourself. Following are the parts you should look at when trying to ascertain if you car’s suspension system needs maintenance;

Tyres – It is vital to keep the tyres of your car in optimal condition. Tyres are the first thing you should look at for signs of wear and tear. Uneven patterns on the front tyres indicate that it is time for wheel realignment; you can rotate the wheels and adjust their alignment. Last but not the least, replace worn out tyres without further ado.
Shock Absorbers – Though the usual life of shock absorbers (also called struts) is several years, this is dramatically reduced by regular driving on uneven roads and paths. Shock absorbers impact the driving stability (including steering and stopping) of your car and need to be kept in optimal condition. Fluid leakage and bobbing of the car once you hit the brakes, and leaning too much into corners while turning are clear signs that your car needs new shock absorbers.
Arms and Bushings – Experts recommend examining the arms and bushings for signs of wear and tear (such as cracking). Wheel shimmy and vibration are clear signs that raise a red flag about the condition and performance of the arms and bushings of your car.

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Free Tips : Does You Car Need Shocks ? The Answer Yes If :

–  Shock Absorbers Leaking .

–  Car Hug The Road , Sliding Or Skidding On Bends.

–  Tyres Wearing Evenly And Without Bald Patches.

–  When You Braking Does Your Car Come To An Even Stop Without Nose-Diving Or Dipping.

–  You Press Down The Bonnet Of Your Car And Let Go , Does It Return To Its Original Position In One Move Without Bouncing Up And Down .

Worn shock absorbers can have dangerous side effects such as wheel bounce , skidding , sliding . swaying , pitching , and rolling . I recommend you check out your shocks immediately.

I , Fouzi the owner of  Fouzi’s Service Centre thank you for your visit to my website . Feel free to  Subscribe for  news letter , info , tips , free quotation , auto parts ,  and  any question you like to ask.

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